What people are saying...

"S&S is my go-to for every occasion: dinner with the gal pals, anniversaries, birthdays, Wednesdays..."

Alesha Pannier

"This sh*t is liquid gold."

Chelsea Buck

"Within the first weeks of launch Spade & Sparrows became the best and fastest selling brand in our summer seasonal program."


Meet Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Follow her journey from Bachelorette to wine entrepreneur.

Hear it from our #WineGang...

"I never found a red I liked until I tried the S&S Pinot Noir."

Liz Yoder

"I ration my bottles because I'm afraid of running out! #addicted #reallybigwineguyapproved"

April Mackie

"No matter your preference of white, red or rose— you're going to love them all!!! "

Jessica Maynard