2019 Pinot Noir


Low sugar with notes of ripe raspberries & a hint of spice. Pairs well with staring longingly into the fridge and then deciding to order takeout for dinner.

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Alcohol: 13.5%
Low Sugar
Low Carb
Gluten Free

100% Californian grapes.
Blend: 92% Pinot Noir, 6% Barbera & 2% Syrah

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We ship to all US states except Utah, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota, Delaware and Rhode Island. We do not ship to Canada but you can pick up a bottle (or two) at one of our store locations.

“I never found a red I liked until I tried the S&S Pinot Noir.”

Liz Y.

“I generally am not a fan of Pinot but this is by far my favorite wine right now.”

Madeleine S.P.

“I love your rosé so much, but the Pinot Noir is my new favorite though.”

Emily C.

“This wine was such a hit, the whole party was saying it’s the easiest drinking Pinot they’ve ever had”

Georgia C.

“Can’t wait to try more, even my picky husband loved it too. Great news for me!”

Shelby M.

“This is the only wine I drink, big and bold for every occasion.”

Sidney S.

“The Pinot Noir was delivered just in time, it’s my new favorite to add to the wine rack!”

Sarah S.

“I usually am exclusive to the Cab, but you were sold out and I tried the Pinot Noir, and WOW, it’s AMAZING! 10/10 so happy I finally gave it a shot.


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