FAQs — Big Wine Guy Club

How do the payments work?

This is an automatic delivery program where you agree to have the payment for the order debited from your account automatically. You will be charged every 3 months for your scheduled club shipment. 

What bottles are included in my shipment?

All club shipments will contain our Pinot Grigio, Rosé, Pinot Noir & Cabernet Sauvignon. However, we may substitute a different vintage of a wine (or a different wine of equal or greater value) if the specified vintage designated for that shipment is depleting during the shipment timeframe.

Can I choose the bottles I want in each shipment?

Yes! Every club shipment is fully customizable and you can choose whatever bottles you fancy. All customizations happen one week prior to shipping & you will be notified by email.

When will my shipment arrive?

The scheduled club shipments go out in March, June, September & December.

Can I place an order in between scheduled shipments and still receive my discount and shipping perks?

Absolutely! As a Wine Club member, you can use our concierge service in order to receive your additional 10% off and shipping discount. Just send us an email to hello@spadeandsparrows.com, tell us which bottles you would like, we will apply your discounts & take care of the rest!

How do I update my personal information?

You can update all personal information by logging into your VinoShipper account. As a club member, it is your responsibility to ensure that your current contact, billing and shipping information are kept up-to-date. This helps to prevent any billing & shipping issues from occurring.

How old must I be to join the Wine Club?

By registering for the Wine Club, you are confirming you are 21 years of age or older and this means you can sip with us.

How long does my membership last?

Your Wine Club membership will be ongoing until we receive a request from you to cancel your membership.

What if I wish to cancel?

You must notify us via email at hello@spadeandsparrows.com at least 30 days prior to shipping with any changes or cancellations. A wine club should be fun, not forced, so you do you.

Can I place my membership on hold?

Absolutely. We understand that life (and babies) happen, so if you wish to put your membership on hold, just send us an email to hello@spadeandsparrows.com

Can I skip or delay a shipment?

Yes you can! If you wish to skip a club shipment, just send us an email to hello@spadeandsparrows.com. You can also choose to delay shipping – this means your card will still be charged for your club shipment, however your wine won’t be shipped until your selected shipping date (perfect if you are away on vacation). You can choose 'delay shipping' when you are notified that it is time to customize your order.

What do I need to know about shipping?

As a club member, you are responsible for all shipping, return shipping and re-shipping fees unless otherwise specified. The scheduled club shipments go out in March, June, September & December.

Is the Wine Club available in all US states?

 We currently ship to all states except Utah, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, South Dakota, Delaware & Rhode Island.

I'm Canadian. Can I join the Wine Club?

Due to legal restrictions, our Wine Club is available to US customers only. Fear not, you can pick up a bottle (or two) at one of our store locations.

What is the ‘packaging fee’?

Our wine fairies take great care in ensuring your wine reaches you without a hitch from the warehouse to your door. Wine is a delicate item to ship and requires more care and attention than other items you purchase online. For this reason, a small packaging fee is added to all orders to cover this cost.

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